About APMA


June 11, 2008


The purpose of this association will be to seek the sound development of powder metallurgy through closer cooperation among business organizations and academic societies in the field of powder metallurgy in Asia.


Business organizations and academic societies in Asia may become members of this Association.

Main Works

  1. Establishment of a venue for the PM World Congress in Asia and for the APMA Conference.
  2. Communications among powder metallurgy organizations and societies in Asia.
  3. Collection and preparation of statistics in Asia.
  4. Exchange of information on standardization.
  5. Other activities.


President: Chu, Chiu-Lung

Current Occupation

Porite Corporation Director
Porite Taiwan Co., Ltd. General Manager
Asia Powder Metallurgy Association President
Materials Research Society Taiwan Director
Taiwan Metal Industry Association Director
International Journal of Powder Metallurgy (USA) Editorial Committee of International Liaison Committee
The Chinese Institute of Mining & Metallurgical Engineers Honorary Director
Taiwan Powders and Powder Metallurgy Association Honorary Director
The SOFC Industrial Alliance Convener

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